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"Be wise - be aware of the dangers that exist all around you and your family in the coming new year !

Some people call me a fool or even mad for my accusations against the Irish Police, the Irish press, the Irish establishment and the Born Again Christian Movement, but the wise know only too well that there is something critically wrong in Ireland today. So they should begin to consider the unthinkable; that is - those who govern us are preying on us and our children!"

My wish for 2003!

May the International Church of Satan ( The Born Again Christian Movement) be exposed to everyone in the new year!

Latest word on the street on the Christina Quinn murder December 5th 2002 -

"The Gards are now saying that a "refugee" entered the Quinn house(seen above in a quiet cul-de-sac) at 5pm on the 5th Dec and murdered Christina, but still no arrest!"

I for one smell a rat!

This smacks of the Garda accusations surrounding Lawrence Murphy and the infamous "Leinster Six" missing women cases!

The Patsy Syndrome and Lawrence Murphy

The Garda have alleged on many occasions that Murphy could have been responsible for the abductions of the Leinster Six women BUT they have never produced evidence to prove this!

Irish Garda propaganda tactics seems to be to create numerous spurious and deliberately confusing false leads on missing persons and murder cases, so that the public are left in a head spin, not knowing what to believe!

When will the public begin to realise that it is the Garda who are the criminals - the enemy of the public!

More accusations against the Garda are breaking every week and it points conclusively in the same dirtection!





  • At last; we are now given figures for missing in the Republic of ireland!

SINCE 1990 - 191 people have gone missing without trace!

Incredibly, 67 went missing in 2001!

NB: This means - 191 people went missing - their bank accounts have not been drawn upon - they are not registering for state assistance - they have not contacted their loved ones and this would not be accepted behaviour, according to their families!

Nomatter what the corrupt Garda and their "covert" pals in several of the voluntary "support" organisations say, this is not normal behaviour and if the statistics were compared with , say pre 1985 statistics, we would see a huge jump in the cases of missing people - people going missing without trace and without good reason!

Look here : the same "phenomenon" of increased numbers of missing people since the late 1980s has been taking place in other countries!

Consider the Marc Dutroux case - Belgium!




Three weeks after the murder of Christina Quinn on the 5th December 2002, still no arrests!

According to the Kilkenny People newspaper 18th December, the Kilkenny Garda are following various leads and are awaiting forensic tests.

NB.. One newspaper article claimed one of the two Quinn sons phoned the firebrigade, whilst another article said a neighbour phoned first!

The question arises: If the two sons were at home at the time of the murder, why didnt one of them phone for the police? It was only when the firebrigade arrived that they discovered the mutilated body of Mrs Quinn who had multiple stab wounds and had her throat cut! The firebrigade THEN phoned for the Garda!

The whole of Kilkenny believe they know who killed Christina Quinn and there is great fear in the town. The elderly are wondering why this person has not been arrested and taken off the streets!

Kilkenny people are beginning to wonder if this is going to be a repeat of the murder some years ago of Mrs Tierney, whose killer has never found!

See below for other links on this case.





Gardai demand top politicians' phone records

Assistant Commissioner wants to uncover source of 'malicious' corruption tip-off to Howlin and Higgins

THE Gardai are insisting, against the advice of the Director of Public Prosecutions, on examining the telephone and fax records of two senior politicians, Jim Higgins and Brendan Howlin, in connection with alleged garda corruption in Donegal. The politicians have reacted angrily to this unprecedented development. Labour's Mr Howlin said it was "quite extraordinary" and Fine Gael's Senator Higgins described it as a "very serious issue".

The Sunday Independent can reveal that in May 2001 the DPP was asked for advice in relation to accessing the two men's telephone records.

The advice was sought as part of a fourth internal inquiry after Howlin and Higgins alerted the then Minister for Justice, John O'Donoghue, to information they had received about alleged corruption.

The DPP is understood to have advised the Gardai not to take such a step. But the Sunday Independent has now learned that on October 23, Assistant Commissioner Fachtna Murphy was still of the view that his request to examine the telecommunications records was "worthy of reconsideration".

The Garda move is of huge significance given that the Dail embodies the democratic freedoms of the State and its members are historically afforded legal privilege of expression.

The Morris inquiry, which is investigating allegations of Garda corruption in Donegal, is to hear evidence that Assistant Commissioner Murphy sought advice as to whether the records of Oireachtas members could be examined.

Mr Howlin yesterday said it was "quite extraordinary" that gardai should seek to examine the confidential records of a member of the Dail. Senator Higgins said it was an "extremely serious issue". The internal Garda inquiry was carried out by Assistant Commissioner Fachtna Murphy and two senior detectives. The Sunday Independent has learned that in an interim report last year, the Assistant Commissioner revealed that he had sought legal advice from the deputy director of the Director of Public Prosecutions' office as to whether or not he could examine the fax and telephone records of the two politicians.

Assistant Commissioner Murphy formed the view that the information sent to the two Dail members was done for 'malicious' reasons and was a deliberate attempt to smear the reputations of two senior gardai.

At the time, Deputy Howlin and Mr Higgins were Labour and Fine Gael spokesmen on justice.

The request as to whether or not the Gardai could secretly examine the phone records of Dail members was made in attempt to identify the source of their information.

Assistant Commissioner Murphy formed the view that the informant had committed an offence of either wasting Garda time or attempting to pervert the course of justice. The request to examine the phone records was turned down on the advice of the DPP although no reasons are given.

The Garda letter to Mr Barry Donoghue of the DPP on May 30, 2001, states: "Arising from the investigation to date, it is firmly the view of the Investigating Officers that the fax document in question was drawn up for a malicious purpose, as there is no evidence to substantiate its contents.

"The matters alleged are extremely damaging to the persons referred to in the document and the motives of its author(s) must now be viewed as being criminal in nature."

In his final report, completed only on October 23, Assistant Commissioner Murphy said the DPP's advice should be reconsidered.

Yesterday, Mr Howlin said: "At the time, I was first interviewed by the guards about this, I was asked about the source and I asked what steps would be taken to find out the source. I was told 'whatever steps were necessary' would be taken to find out my sources.

"I told him (Assistant Commissioner Murphy) that if I became aware he was interfering with my telephone, I would seek the recall of the Oireachtas to raise it as a matter of privilege. It is quite extraordinary.

"This will be of the most profound effect in the light of all the other issues raised by members of Dail Eireann as a matter of routine. Basically, it is a fundamental assault on the right of members of the Oireachtas to carry out their business of being the people's eyes and ears.

"People come to us with the most sensitive issues. They must be assured that we are in a position to protect their privacy."

Senator Higgins said: "It is an extremely serious issue. I would be prepared to go to the courts to defend the right of an Oireachtas member to receive information without having to account for its source. I would regard any decision to allow access to the telephone records of members of Dail Eireann as a major intrusion into the affairs of elected representatives.

"When Deputy Howlin and I received this information, we did not put it in the public domain. We brought it to the Minister for Justice and had no way of judging the veracity of the allegations therein. As far as I am concerned, we are not in a position to make known the sources of our information to the Morris tribunal."

The Morris tribunal resumes in Dublin in the New Year.


Sunday Independent 22/12/02

  • IOL: Spectators gather for Winter Solstice -- The British ambassador to Ireland pays homage to Irish paganism when he attended the celebration of winter solstice at the Newgrange prehistoric site. The highest ranking Brits are now openly collaborating with the Irish pagans who are numerous amongst the politicians in the Irish parliament!




"One of the biggest problems in these times is that the so-called "Ecumenists" "Evangelicals" and "Born Again Christians" have insinuated themselves so heavily into the Roman Catholic Church and now, it would appear, even some of the Orthodox Churches; that it has become a bit difficult to determine who is what, let alone which is .... the same attitudinal approach now carried over into the Roman and even many of the Orthodox Churches today."

This is so true of ALL other Christian Churches!

All have been "infiltrated" by the Born Again desease! (covert Satanists!) 



The nutter Born Againers keep informing me that one CANNOT enter the kingdom of heaven (survive in the New World Order) if one is not a Born Agan Christian!

GW Bush's church and state amalgamation means : In the New World Order, the official church will be the International Born Again Movement (The Church of Satan).


  • Satanic Conspiracy -- Plagiarism on a grand scale! This is one of the worst examples of plagiarism on the Net!

This article was written by me, yet here it is on another website with ALL my links deleted. All or most of the article refers to my "story", my personal experiences; so how can this guy claim this article for his own? I have emailed this website -, complaining about his obvious plagarism but I received no reply. Has the guy got any pride or humility at all?


The great Tommy Cooper

Tommy Cooper

Imagine what the world would be like if Tommy was the most powerful person on earth!




Archbishop of Canterbury - in waiting - becomes druid

By Richard Savil

  • Christina Quinn, mother of two teenagers, one 14 and 18, has her throat cut in Kilkenny. Several national newspapers said that a young man had been arrested, but Kilkenny Garda say no arrests have been made!

However, there is great unease in the town amongst the elderly because many say that the killer is known to them and is still free and walking the streets!

One wonders why the Kilkenny Garda have not arrested the murderer after so long a period, given that the incident took place a 5pm and was discovered when a neighbor telephoned the firebrigade when the Quinn's house went on fire, apparently deliberately set alight to destroy forensic evidence!


You have to read this! Is this an expose' or is this a Born Again Christian webpage?


Incredible amount of links to all sorts of cults, sects, secret societies and satanism.

Read this!

It will describe crystal clearly the type of filth that is in the ranks of the IRA, and the loyalist paramilitary killer groups!

They are both the scum of the earth who have, since the so-called ceasefire, expanded into the drugs trade- killing Irish and British kids with new methods!


  • Could it be possible that the public are not being told the truth!

Kilkenny is a town where people are afraid to say in public what they are saying in private/behind closed doors. Many people are uneasy because drug pushers are ignored by the Garda but everyone one else know who they are. They are also asked to accept unacceptable explanations for the numerous murders and suicides, which have happened in the city in the past 8 years!

Slain woman's friend suffers second tragedy


Greenfields is part of a large private housing complex, just off the Freshford Road Kilkenny. Its placid and residential appearance is deceptive, hiding sinister activities, including drug pushing and the breeding ground of spoilt middle class thugs who roam at will attacking people and private property. Everyone knows their names except the Garda!


A MAN has suffered a double tragedy following the murder of his girlfriend in a horrific knife attack.

Paul Byrne was last night being consoled by friends after mother-of-two Christina Quinn (36) was found with multiple stab wounds at her home in Greenfields Road, Kilkenny city.

Gardai, meanwhile, have arrested a young man in connection with the killing and with an attempt to set fire to her home afterwards.

It was the second tragedy to hit Paul in the past two years.

In September 2000, his brother, Stephen, died from driving his car and two sons off a pier in Co Wexford after killing his wife.

One of Christina Quinn's sons alerted the fire brigade after finding her slumped on a floor inside the three-bedroom semi-detached home at around 5pm.

Jason Quinn (18), a serving soldier, and his brother, Ronan (14), gave witness statements to gardai last night.

Two units of the fire brigade and an ambulance were quickly on the scene and tried to revive Mrs Quinn, originally from Stephen's Street, also in Kilkenny city.

Yesterday, shocked neighbours described Mrs Quinn as a "quiet and unassuming" woman.

A post mortem was being carried out yesterday at Waterford regional hospital by State Pathologist, Prof John Harbison. The scene remained cordoned off as gardai from the Dublin-based Technical Bureau combed the house, in a quiet cul-de-sac of a 30-year-old housing estate, for clues.

Mrs Quinn's ex-husband, Aidan, is a former army officer.

Supt Gordon Ryan from Kilkenny garda station is leading the homicide investigation.

Last year an inquest heard how Paul Byrne's brother, Stephen, wiped out his whole family in a stabbing incident and three drownings.

After Paul and his father got no reply to their repeated knocking at the house in Cuffesgrange, Co Kilkenny, Sergeant Michael Quinlan from Kilkenny garda station forced open a bathroom window and gained entry into the house.

He, Mr Byrne, Mr Byrne's father and sister searched the house. The body of Stephen's wife, Maeve, was found behind a settee.

The jury returned a verdict of death by multiple stab wounds.

Verdicts of drowning were returned on her two sons, Alan (9) and Shane (6), whose bodies were found on September 27, 2000, at the seaside village of Duncannon after the family car, driven by Stephen, had plunged off a pier into the sea.

The inquest jury was told by the Assistant State Pathologist, Marie Cassidy, that a high level of alcohol was found in both boys.

She said it was possible that the boys had been given alcohol before their last, fateful journey in the family car.

Mr Byrne's body was found a number of weeks later on the Welsh coast.

Sarah Murphy
Original Irish Independent 6/12/02







  • Photo of the Monument to the missing people of Ireland!

Left: New Monument for the Irish missing

Right: Stone Memorial commemorating the numerous Irish missing people, officially opened by Irish President, Mary McAleese.

Monument for the missing people in Ireland erected in the grounds of Kilkenny Castle and officially opened on the 26th May 2002 by Mary McAleese , President of Ireland.

NB. This is the only photo of the monument to be found on the internet! The only monument to commemorate missing people!


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