Child Abuse and SRAbuse in Ireland

Irish paedophiles force children to have sex with animals!



Paedophile ring operating throughout the Irish Republic :

Phil Hogan TD (MP) for Carlow/Kilkenny , at last , in a parliamentary sitting on Wednesday evening , proclaimed that a paedophile ring was and is operating in the Irish Republic . Hogan said a former government Health Dept official , who was in charge of investigating allegations against paedophiles , was himself a paedophile.

Since the allegations were made on Wednesday , the Health Dept has issued no reply. Hogan said , the so far unnamed government official aided convicted paedophiles Myles Brady , David Murray and Brendan Smith to continue their filthy activities in St Josephs Orphanage in Kilkenny and other centres at Cappoquin , Waterford and Clonmel.

Brendan Smith

He also linked the civil servant with the infamous upper class killer Malcolm McArthur who went on a killing spree in 1982. McArthur picked up a nurse called Bridie Gargan and brutally murdered her in his car and then drove around Dublin with the inside of the car covered in blood. He then went to a farmer who had advertised a gun and shot him with it . McArthur fled and went into hiding. Incredibly , McArthur was found by chance at the home of Irish Attorney General Patrick Connolly . No sensible explanation was given for McArthurs presense in Connollys house. Connolly was later forced to resign his post in the Haughey government at that time.

Malcom McArthur

The unnamed civil servant was seen in Dublin in the company of Malcom MacArthur before MacArthur went on his murder spree in 1982. An abuse victim identified the government official and McArthur when they went together to the Quays in Dublin to pick up rent boys. The abused who was a resident in St Josephs Industrial School in Clonmel , had recognised the official because he was a department inspector , who visited the centre.

The Laffoy Commission has received submissions from abuse victims who have identified the government official . The government official is said to have covered up for several paedophiles who were subsequently convicted on other abuse allegations . He covered up and gave the likes of Brendan Smith , Myles Brady and David Murray a free hand to committ their foul deeds. At St Michaels Residential Centre in Cappoquin , together with several priests , they abused around 30 children.

Meanwhile , government minister for Education DR Michael Woods , said that he was taking the new information very seriously and an investigation will be held into the matter..


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Inquiry into former civil servant’s paedophile link

Since 1996 ,I have been saying that an organised group of paedophile/satanic killers has been abusing children and abducting children , women and young men for ritual murder. Has anyone heeded me; few up till now.

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