The Missing Persons Issue Ireland

Update 2008 - There are over 450 foreign refugee kids missing, from HSE "care homes" run by Garda and former Garda! run. Irish missing must be around 675! We dont know the EXACT numbers of Irish missing, because the Garda website only gives the stats for 5years! See links below!

There has been a huge coverup by the Garda regarding missing persons statistics! I make no apology for making this accusation because it is only too clear by this stage that there has been, what amounts to, downright criminal behaviour, carried out by the Irish Garda in the coverup of the true statistics of the numbers and the names of the Irish missing!

This is my personal declaration! ---

I hearby accuse the Irish Garda of deliberately covering up the real and true figures of Irish missing, for the purpose of evil and criminal intent, and to deceive the Irish at home and those beyond these shores, and lulling them into a sort of fools paradise and hiding the terrible dangers, which have existed in Ireland since the onset of the early 1990s!

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Added July 2008

NB. Over 450 foreign refugee kids missing in Ireland since 2001!

See links: 400+ foreign refugee children fall through "cracks" - go missing in Ireland! No call for an investigation!

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The socalled Irish law enforcement body, the Garda, claim the kids have been abducted into the sex indusrty!


Lets examine these words!

Most of the missing kids are between 14 and 22years old! Have a look for yourself on the Garda website, where they only have photos for about 50 of the 350+ missing kids! Also, most of these kids are fit and tough looking guys! So imagine what their abductors would have to do to keep these young men in custody under their control! These tough young men would have to be chained to walls where they would be used as sex objects!


Also, most of these kids almost certainly would have little or poor english: so how were they manipulated into the hands of their abductors?

Former Irish PD government Minister for "Justice" claimed that these kids were given telephone numbers to phone when they landed in Ireland! To phone "someone" in Ireland who would then abduct them! In other words, the traffickers in the Eastern Europe and Africa gave the kids the same secret telephone number! This sounds like a worldwide trafficking and abduction network!

Is this believable? I dont think so!

Thje other explanation is that the kids were targeted at their hostels in Ireland where they were housed when they arrived in Ireland. Also, if the abductors are working in or with the hostel managers (many are former Garda as confirmed on an RTE radio program when David Norris and others were speaking on the issue of missing refugees) then this is more likely to be the way the kids were abducted!

The total for Irish missing persons "was" 89 in 1998, according to the Kilkenny People weekly newspaper! Many have gone missing since BUT we still are not told by the "authorities " what the present total is!








Mass commemorating the Irish missing held in Moone RC Church .Article from the Kilkenny People 1998 , the ONLY paper to publish figures for Irish missing!

Article above published in the Kilkenny People on the 23rd October 1998, clearly shows that over 90 people "were" missing at that time and we all know that many more have gone missing since . Are the Garda friendly web sites trying to con or deceive the Irish people when they say that only 20+ are missing.



Gallery contains many names and photos NOT on the Gardai Missing Persons site! Updated as and when names and photos are discovered and become available.

If anyone knows the details of missing people in your areas in Ireland , "who are not on the Garda web site lists", please send them to me and I will post them on this site! I will post all verifiable details of Irish missing persons back to 1980! NB Please do not send attachments in the emails, I will not open attachments ,for security reasons!



We have to find out the true number of missing in Ireland; we can no longer accept the official Garda figures!

September 2001 and more young women go missing ! The incompetent Garda have not found any missing woman since 1995 ; they have not found even the bodies of missing women !

They are failing to do their jobs which they are paid to do! They are supposed to be public servants but act as if they are a private army answerable to noone but themselves!

What is the value of an Irish missing person?

Those in the upper echelons of Irish society are so willing to hold public inquiries when someone in the upper ranks of business society swindles a few thousand punts from someone else in the peer group ; eg, the "Beef Tribunal " and the "Haughey affair" but when a lower class Irish woman or boy goes missing , they could not give a damn!




The "confirmed" missing! Kevin Joyce aged 50, reported missing on5th Dec2001, last seen approx- 30th November 2001. Lists of names of missing people declared missing in newspapers ; some might turn up again but just in case they don't , this will be a record of their disappearance!

Annie McCarrick ......Dublin. Went missing March 26th 1993

  17 yr old Catherine Dwyer went missing on the 17th September 2001 in Clondalkin , Dublin ; report in the Irish News 6th Nov 2001.

Cathal O'Brien .......Cork Went missing April 1994

  15 yearold boy , Aaron Keegan is missing since Friday 2nd Nov 2001 from Sandyford Dublin.

Deirdre Jacobs ...Newbridge,

Dublin Went missing 28th july 1998


Brendan Rushe - missing boy from Tyrone who went missing in Donegal

last seen 17th Feb 2002

Brendan Rushe was found dead a few hundred yards off-shore in Donegal.

22/12/01 Woman missing in Antrim town , county Antrim

Raymond Long ...Kilkenny. went missing around 27th June 1997

  Cork man missing 26/12/01
Ellen Coss ....Dublin/England? Missing since 3rd Nov 1999   Boy from Omagh goes missing 29/12/01
Andreas Speich (German) Cork .Went missing on New jears eve,1999   Missing Donegal woman

Diana Schmeisch (German) Cork.Went missing New Years eve,1999

  young man called Dalton from Westmeath is missing, last seen outside a nightclub in the West of Ireland

Donnacha Dalton was found dead today , 29/3/02 in Galway

JoJo Dollard .....Kilkenny went missing 9th Nov 1995    

Kate Madigan .....Kilkenny Was reported missing 14th May 1998

Kevin Ball .....Cork. Went missing April 1994    

Phillip Cairns ...Dublin/Kilkenny Went missing 24th Oct 1986 ,Halloween


Fiona Pender .....Tullamore missing since Aug 24th 1996


Michael Clark ...Cork Went missing 1994, Thurs April/May


Eva Brennan ....Dublin Went missing July 23rd 1993


Fiona Sinnott .....Wexford Missing since Feb 11th 1998


Ciara Breen ....Dundalk Went missing 13th Feb 1997


Michelle McCormick. cork. Went missing July 2oth 1993


Sean Ryan, Downpatrick, went missing Sept 5th 199

Imelda Keenan , Waterford, Went missing Jan 3rd 1994    
Frank McCarthy..Cork. Went missing Feb 1993    
David Sullivan, Ulster, Went missing    
Julie Hunter , Lisburn,Ulster, Went missing 16th March 2000    
Michael Smith (Kilkenny. no photo available) went missing Oct 26th 1999    
Charlene Hickey of Darndale Dublin , a heroin addict , went missing on Febuary 10th 2002.  

Bettina Poeschel, German journalist , went missing since 25th September 2001

NB. Found murdered near Donore Drogheda County Louth Oct 2001.

Jennifer Watson went missing Wexford September 2001


7th Dec 2001 is the anniversary of Trevor Deeley's disappearance!

Naas/Dublin , Co Kildare

James Thompson , aged 20 years at the time , he disappeared around March 1994 , he was living in a flat in 23 Leo Street Dublin.

Some say he had got involved with a cult , according to an article in the Irish Mirror newspaper March 30- 2002. Some say he was involved with the Hare Krishnas!

The Mountjoy Garda say he was probably up in Northern Ireland! I wonder how they know that?

Or maybe he was with the Born Again Christians!