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"For many will come in my name, saying I am the Christ, and will mislead many." Matthew 24.5




Is this a scene from a madhouse?


These things take place at Born Again Pentecostal "prayer meetings"!

October 2002 -

This week (Oct 2002) on the Joe Duffy Show on RTE radio, Duffy gave much time and credit to the "Power to Change" advertising campaign and lauded the Born Agains often!!

It makes me think that Duffy could himself be a Born Again!

Any way; one particular speaker who phoned in to Duffy, took him and the Born Agains by surprise and caused upset to the BA plans. The young man belongs to a notorious Dublin crime familly who were the subject of an RTE program ( I think it was on "Would you believe"). All or most of the familly are Born Agains but the speaker left the BA movement in 1995 when he saw just what the Born Agains were really all about!

He said; in Canada, some people who joined the Born Agains would go into convulsions and began barking like dogs during some of their "religious meetings".

Pentecostal Charismatic "Born Again Christians" speaking in "tongues"!l

Lovely arent they? No they're devil-possessed!


There is no doubt that he was trying to warn people regarding the Born Again Movement and he considered them a threat to naive and innocent people who might be attracted to them through their own personal problems and needs. The following day, a prominent Dublin based Born Again Christian, whose face was on many of their advertising posters in the city, fiercely castigated Duffy because he let the former Born Againer speak on his program!

It was almost as if he was in a position of authority over Duffy!

It is only too clear - the Born Agains dont want ANY criticism at all regarding their movement and with their wealthy friends, you never see critical articles in the press regarding the Born Agains, even though they have a lot to hide!

The Born Again Christians are in charge of so-called rehab groups for drug addicts in Dublin? There are also socalled Born Again "counsellors" for troubled people in Kilkenny, Carlow, Porlaiose and other counties.

In 1995, after I discovered that my exwife had set me up to be murdered by loyalist paramilitaries, I was referred by a lady to a Born Again "counsellor" called Dick Moore, who "counselled" from a private room in a bungalow on the Bennetsbridge Road Kilkenny.

The Story of Jacque, "Witchcraft in Ireland"

I have since discovered that the SE Health Board are referring people with "problems" to Dick Moore, Born Again Christian, to be "counselled"!

I know for certain that a Mr Paul Ryan, who was a patient in St Cannices Mental Institution in Kilkenny, attended Dick Moore at the bungalow on the Bennetsbridge Road Kilkenny!

Paul Ryan committed "suicide" in June 1999, just before an inquiry was due into allegations of physical abuse on Mr Ryan by nursing staff at the St Cannices Mental Hospital!

The Death of Paul Ryan - murder or suicide?

There has to be questions why government depts refer susceptiple people to this "independent", unaccountable and suspicious cult!

Incredible as it may seem - but ANYONE can become a counsellor in Ireland!!!!

This fact was confirmed to me by a member of the Irish Rape Crisis Centres!

Born Agains dont like criticism!

They believe; only THEY are right and everyone who is not a Born Again will go to Hell!

That is like the kettle calling the pot black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


See: Research About Leading World Evangelizers


Symbol of the International Council of Churches

Note the upside-down crosses!

The International Born Again Movement makes its move in Ireland in a big way!!!!!

The "Power to Change" so-called Christian advertising campaign follows a similar campaign launched in Canada in 2000. "Power to Change" was devised by "Campus Crusade for Christ" - a so-called church founded by American "Evangelist" Bill Bright. According to the March edition of Phoenix Magazine, the campaign is being funded by American/Canadian moneybags and some Irish "Christians" with deep pockets! The Ireland based backers of this "Born Again" campaign are businessmen Basil Good - Paddy Monaghan - Mervyn Maiden - Joe Kelly - Rob Clarke - and Tom McGuiness.

Power to Change - ---

Incredible as it may seem, but it is getting strong support from Cardinal Connell , the RC head of their church in Ireland. It is also getting support from the Presbyterian Church , the Methodist Church and the Church of Ireland!

One wonders WHY these "Protestant" churches are giving support to what most people think is an obscure cult-church, which for the main hold their "prayer meetings" in "church houses", which in itself is a very curious setup! All of the telephone numbers on the advertising billboards and on TV belong to the Born Again Christians! None refer back to any of the other churches, which are giving support to this sinister cult!

Why are they doing this?

It seems that only the Born Again groups are profiting from this advertising campaign!

This week (early October 2002) on the Joe Duffy Radio Show, many members of the RC community voiced their anger at Cardinal Connell for giving support to what they clearly see as a protestant cult.

Many of those who belong to the Born Again Movement call themselves "Born Again Catholics", which is clearly a CONTRADICTION in TERMS! Several of the RC laity who phoned the Duffy Show fiercely argued that a Roman Catholic cannot be a Born Again Catholic!

One cannot be a Born Again Catholic and attend the Roman Catholic church!!! The top Roman Catholic clergy are constantly telling us that it is the first and one and only true Christian Church, and they repeat that a member of the Roman Catholic Church CANNOT attend another Church whilst being a member of the Roman Church! Great fuss was made when Mary McAleese, Irish President, took communion during a Church of Ireland service.

So why is the Roman Church and Cardinal Connell ignoring the fact that RC laity are attending Born Again prayer groups and they are calling themselves "Born Again Catholics"?

It is imperative that the Roman Catholic hierarchy answer these questions!!


In a recent telephone conversation between myself and a spokesperson for the Roman Catholic Church, he put forward the hypothesis that the Pope had used the words "evangelisation" in recent speeches and this was an indication that the RC church should begin to embrace other faiths and creeds.

Does this mean that the RC church has become "closer" to the International Born Again Movement and its ideology? Has there been a change in Roman Catholic policy regarding the Born Again Movement and its "teachings" - practically giving that group carte blanche support?


Cardinal Connell has a lot of answers to make, and that is besides all the questions on RC church child abuse!

It seems to me, the Cardinal is giving support to a rival "church" in this "Power to Change" campaign, which effectively could take members away from the RC congregation!

It seems almost as if HE and the Roman Church is committing Hara-Kiri!

It almost seems as if he and the other mainstream churches are behaving in a subservient manner to the Born Again Church, which we all know is dominated by corporate Americans and Canadians, almost certainly with CIA backing! ( EG: CBN and Pat Robertson)

NB: It is reported that the leaders of the Presbyterian Church and the Methodist in Ireland are also "evangelical" in their outlook and philosophy. Does this mean that they are also sympathetic to the Born Again Movement and its ideology? Or does it simply mean that they are covert Born Again Christians?

The Born Again Charismatic Movement

The Born Again Movement was first set up in Ireland in the 1970s. Almost overnight they purchased a large number of expensive properties in many Irish counties North and South of the border.

Now, no one will tell me or convince me that these properties were bought with Irish monies! It is now obvious that USA corporate evangelic Born Again Christian groups, (Eg Pat Robertsons CBN etc) closely connected to the CIA and rightwing groups, funded and maintained the groups in Ireland, and it is becoming obvious that these powerful, deep pocketed right wing US Born Again "missionaries" are installed in many countries across the world, all funded from US big-business corporate Born Againers.

See: "Born Again Fundamentalism - Hope or Hoax?"

The site above, "Born Again Fundamentalism - hope or hoax?", was set up by a former BA member to expose the dangers from this extremely dangerous cult!

To those who do not know; the Born Again Christian Movement, (the present "Power to Change" campaign is controlled and orchestrated by the same extremely wealthy cult) was originally spawned in the USA, and backed by the ultra corporate wealthy. ALL top US politicians HAVE to be Born Again Christians to hold high office!!!!! The top members in US politics, and the CIA are Born Again Christians; eg Oliver North and CIA Bill Casey are two examples! The Power to Change campaign is funded (1.5 million euro) from US and Canadian sources! No one will convince me that the few hundred Irish BAs dug up this money, but that is not to say that there are not wealthy Irish BAs, because there are quite a few! In fact it has been oft said that many top Irish in the business community are Born Again Christians!

So what do these wealthy elites see in this religious dogma of the Born Again Christians? We all know that Christianity is a hard and honestly boring way of life, so what are these well-to-do elites getting out of being Born Again? It is also known that the Born Again Movement seems to attract the worst sort of people in society; eg- The Shankill Butchers, IRA and loyalist paramilitary killers, and such terrible killers like Sean Sellers, Henry Lee Lucas, Geffrey Dahmer, Mark Chapman, Karla Fay Tucker and many more multiple killers.

So what attracts these killers to the Born Again Movement rather than the established churches?

Is there another reason why they become Born Again?

Maybe there is ANOTHER side to this sinister cult!!!!!


This is a quote , which I received from a contact on the internet!

"The Illuminati is planning a One World Government.

Many reports claim that the Illuminati are the main group trying to form a one world government , however other reports also suggest that a Jesuit-Vatican connection has been the major force!

These organisations are planning the merging of many faiths into the apostate one world church that will be serving Satan.

(To acheive Christian ecuminism, which would only be a facade for their Satanic Church, they plan first to deliberately destroy the credibility of the Roman Catholic Church, which is conveniently accomodating them with the numerous child abuse scandals involving paedophile priests!

It would be evident to most that the nordic nations would not join a Roman Church, so the Church of Satan must attract to it the congregations of the Church of Rome.

Most people who have witnessed in the press the exposure of the RC priest scandals, have welcomed these developments, thinking that at long last justice is being seen to be done! However, with hindsight some of us, especially myself, have wondered why the "Illuminati press" have agreed to expose those, whom many assumed were part of the Illuminat network, even though they would be at the bottom levels of the pyramid. Just maybe there is method in this apparent Illuminati madness!

The International Charismatic Born Again Movement fits to a tee the criterion for the prophesied Church of Satan!)

The New Age Movement is also part of the plan. They are controlled by Satan and are linked to the above organisations.

They have introduced Satanic symbols and systems all around us , and their plan is to cause the world to worship Satan!

They control peoples minds in many ways including addiction , drugs , music , entertainment , hypnotism , creating confusion and making the system more complex and difficult than it needs to be.

They have undercover agents who often dont know who they are really working for.

Their societies are highly secretive.

Few people , including the media know or indicate that their members are the richest people in the world."


NB. the above quotation was not written by me! I am not sure where it originates! I would ask the permission of the author , whoever he or she is , to use these pertinent words which sumarises all our predicaments in these days of threatening evil!


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\Born Again Fundamentalist Christianity and The Bible - Hope or Hoax ???\ The Death squads and the Evangelical Born Again Christians!

Jonestown.population zero- Just like Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple cult, the International Born Again Charismatics is another CIA inspired cult!


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