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Another devil worshipper "claims to have reformed" and become - surprise , surprise - a Born Again Christian!

See: Satanism and the Born Agains

NB: Below I have added my own comments within brackets!

'Devil-Worshipper' Stuns Crowd

The Nation (Nairobi), 20 October 2000

Nairobi - A crowd at Kisumu's Moi stadium yesterday listened with shock as Mr. Peter Ben Otieno, 28, narrated his experience as a devil worshipper.

Nyanza Provincial Commissioner, Peter Raburu, presented the self-confessed satanist to a Kenyatta Day rally audience, to prove that satanism was rife in the province.

There was commotion as curious wananchi scrambled to catch a glimpse of Mr. Otieno, who explained the intricacies of devil worship, which he said was responsible for the recent wave of child abductions in the country.

(Amazingly, the Irish Police, the British Police or the FBI have never considered the possibility that devil worshippers are responsible for child abductions in their respectivbe countries! ---- I ask; why have'nt they?)

Mr. Otieno said he had worshipped Satan for seven years.

"I was recruited in Mombasa and taken to the Indian Ocean for initiation. I was stripped naked and made to drink blood from human skulls and I have been an active agent," he said.

He said he had married and divorced 50 women who left him on learning of his devil worship links.

Dressed in a beige suit, Mr. Otieno said devil worship cults targeted mainly school children through peer influence, rock music and immoral programmes in the electronic media.

(Many whistle-blowers in the US and elsewhere have saying this for years!

EG: Alex Constatine - his book - "Psychic Dictatorship in the USA" was the first book I read, which opened my mind to the extent of criminal activities of the police and media in the spread of devil worship in recent decades!)

"We worked to destroy society and to cause fear among the peole through rumour mongering and malicious campaigns against prominent personalities. We worked to break family units," he added.

( "We worked to break up family units!" - I would say that this activity is given a high priority in the devil worshippers world wide campaign to create terror, fear and suffering!)

The cults, he added, also used hospitals where they influenced doctors to become reckless and cause deaths.

( Doctor Shipman immediately springs to mind!)

They also worked through road accidents and through corruption, he said.

(Here is where it gets tricky! -- I have read several books on witchcraft and spells -eg: "Witchcraft - fact or fantasy" by Lauran Paine - It has been claimed that accidents or misfortunes are caused by "curses or malices", which have been cast against the victims or their families. Theses things cannot be seen nor heard and they cannot be easily proved; but does this mean they are untrue or only immagination?)

Mr. Otieno, who hails from Ugenya, said a cartel dealing in inter-state child trade was using devil worshippers as agents.

("inter-state child trade - using devil worshippers as agents" -- Once more, the marvelous FBI, Scotland Yard, Interpol and the miserable Gardai (Irish Police) have never considered this probability!)

He said he was now a born-again Christian and regretted his past. The confession comes in the wake of growing tension over alleged child abductions and strange rituals in Kisumu.

("he said he was now a Born Again Christian" -- The majority of Satanists worldwide who claim to have "reformed", also choose the Born Again Movement to join and be "reborn"! Is this a coincidence, or can there be another reason? I ask; are they trully reformed? Cannot it be that they are simply creating another deception, pretending to be reformed by joining the richest, most influencial of the "deceiver christian groups" - the International Born Again Charismatic Christians - funded by the USA corporate rtwing!)

On Thursday, members of the public beat two women senseless at Kibuye market on suspicion that they had stolen two children.

While addressing a Moi Day rally last week, Mr. Raburu attributed problems afflicting the province to devil worship amongst. He promised to present a devil worshipper to the crowd.

Yesterday, the PC said he had brought Mr. Otieno as a public awareness campaign against the vice.

The PC also declared war on wife inheritance, saying the practice was responsible for the rapid spread of Aids in the province.

He ordered chiefs and their assistants to arrest notorious wife inheritors.

The PC assured wananchi that the government had posted surveillance teams along borders to check the spread of the deadly Ebola virus.

Mr. Raburu blamed "lazy" farmers who had neglected their farms for the worsening food security situation in the province.

He ordered chiefs to arrest farmers found to have left their land idle.

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