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The Dalkey Babies Murders

Peter Murphy Snr


Sunday Tribune 2-10-07

"IT TOOK a jury at an inquest just under four-and-a-half hours to decide what gardaA- have been investigating for 34 years.

At the four-day inquest held at Dublin County Coroner's Court last week, Cynthia alleged she was raped repeatedly from the age of seven or eight into her teenage years by four different people. And she wasn't the only one making accusations. Her three sisters and a niece made allegations of sexual abuse also, as did two of her brothers, both now dead.

All the horrific details of sodomy and incest were not reported in the newspapers. No one could bear to read it. But it's what remained unsaid at the coroner's hearing that may be more shocking than the alleged sexual assault.


Why did 11-year-old Cynthia - who said she had just watched her mother kill her baby that night and then attempt to drown her - not run into the arms of gardaA-?

"I can't go into that, " she told the court quietly when questioned. Coroner Dr Kieran Geraghty was quick to interject. "There are reasons outside this inquest why she couldn't go to gardaA-, " he informed the jury, who looked puzzled. It seemed strange to them that she'd rather go home to a house where she said she suffered systematic rape on a regular basis than seek police help.

Implications hung heavy in the air about why she would fear some members of the gardaA- more than members of her own family."


(Quote from Jim Cairns!)

Note how the Sunday Tribune journalist inserts a capital A in many words and names in the article- is he/she inferring that the A represents an occult symbol?

What further horrors will emerge in the review of the Dalkey baby case?



My abusers are still in Dublin, house of horrors victim claims - City News, National News - Herald.ie

By Kevin Doyle
Saturday January 09 2010

DALKEY 'house of horrors' victim Cynthia Owen says the paedophiles who abused her are still living in Dublin.

In an emotional TV appearance, the woman who was impregnated by her father at the age of 10, said a paedophile ring operated in the capital in the 1970s.

And although her father is now dead, she says that up to eight other child abusers are still alive and at large.

Ms Owen last night outlined in graphic detail the extent of abuse that occurred before and after she gave birth to a baby that her mother then stabbed to death with a knitting needle.

"They died laughing at me and taunting me," Ms Owen said of her parents on The Late Late Show.

See also: CARI - Satanic cults ritually abusing Irish kids!


Are Satanic CULTS scouring the world for children for sacrifice?









The Irish Star July 19th 2005

(tucked away on page 20)

Also see:

Gardai face Dalkey child sex allegations

Gardai face Dalkey child sex allegations

TWO former gardai are to be questioned over allegations that they paid for sex with the woman (child) at the centre of the Dalkey “house of horrors” investigation.

The 43-year-old known as Niamh, who now lives in Britain, claimed last week that her father brought the men to their home to have sex with her when she was a child. Gardai said last week that the allegations would be investigated and the two former officers would be brought in for questioning.

Quote from Sunday Tribune article:

" The woman (Cynthia Owen) who says she gave birth to two babies in Dalkey has now claimed she was a victim of satanic ritual abuse!"


This part is choice "False Memory Syndrome" jargon

A term invented by the establishment to discredit children who tell of their abuse by grown-ups dressed in cloaks, monks habits and sexually abused with metal crosses


Quote: "Psychology "experts"

(many of whom studdied at the Tavistock Institute in London. Ref: Fritz Springmeyer - The Tavistock Institute and mind control!)

have told the Star that people who suffer from false memories of horrendous child abuse often "remember" being raped or attacked by gangs of Satanists!"


Read author Alex Constantine:

"The False Memory Hoax!"

"Pschic Tictatorship in the USA"


My personal quote:

What a load of bullshit!

Of all the things that could come into a childs mind when or after being sexually raped by adults, they remember men and "women" in black cloaks and masks, upturned crosses and even witness babies being murdered -butchered!


(The McMartin Pre-School satanic abuse case)


Could the children not have remembered something like the Marshmallow Man instead!



"The next act in the quest for truth and justice in this case is the outcome of the Garda re-investigation of Cynthia's statements and, particularly, her claim that she gave birth to a second child which she says was fathered by a member of the Garda and another man who, she said, paid her grandmother small sums of money to be allowed to rape her when she was 13.

Detectives are believed to have questioned the ex-garda named by Cynthia as the man who raped her at her grandmother's house in Dalkey each week. Senior gardai would not confirm yesterday that the man had been questioned".



Theres something rotten and extremely evil within the Irish "Police Force!"


When the "Law Makers are the Law Breakers?"



Garda (Irish Police) members of a satanic/paedophile network, based in Dalkey Dublin, ritually (occult/satanic abuse) raped Cynthia Owen and her siblings for 6 years!



In the Sunday World newspaper 14th March 2010 by Nicola Tallant - Cynthis Owen makes explosive claims against the highest ranking Garda - claiming a coverup!


Quote: "This week Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy refused a request to have the investigation probed by the Cold Case Unit despite strong suggestions of a coverup detailed today in the Sunday World."

"a string of complaints have been made against a senior officer (Garda) involved in the probe who is connected to the case - he was a one-time friend of Peter Murphy Snr

and socialises with a number of the men accused of ritual (occult/satanic/ of a child - seriously comprising his involvement in the investigation."

Cynthia Owen



What further horrors will emerge in the review of the Dalkey baby case?

"High court judicial reviews don't come cheap . . . and neither do four days at an inquest hearing with a solicitor and a barrister. The affidavit to overturn the coroner's finding outlines the occupations of Cynthia Owen's father and sisters who are challenging the findings. Peter snr is a retired street cleaner; Catherine Stevenson is a cleaning operative; Margaret Stokes is a housewife and Esther Roberts is a nurses' aide.

The big question really is . . . who exactly is footing the legal bill for a judicial review? "


"A 43 year-old woman called Cynthia Owen

(NB: Her real name was innitially suppressed in the Irish media and on TV, they miss-named her Niamh!. Her face was deliberately blurred out on TV!)

claims her mother killed her daughter with a knitting needle shortly after she gave birth to the child. Cynthia claims here father raped her on many occasions and she also claims her father invited members of the Gardai (Irish Police) into her home where they raped Niamh and her sisters!

Cynthia claims she gave birth to a baby girl in 1973, which she says was murdered. Cynthia also says that she gave birth to a second baby boy several years later, both babies were sired by her father.\par Cynthia was treated by doctors in England in the mid 1990s and underwent what the Irish Garda describe as "controversial regression therapy". As a result of this therapy she claims that she remembers being raped by men in cloaks - monks habits!

This description turns up repeatedly when young children recall being raped by groups of people and often the parents are part of the satanic abuse.

NB: In the Sarah Bland case (Another case of Satanic Abuse from County Laios Republic of Ireland in the late 1990s) she recalled being raped by several men with a metal crosswhile she lay on a large table surrounded by lit candles. Also in Sarah's case one of the abusers was a member of her family!

The Irish police (as usual) discount Cynthia's claims, just as in the Sarah Bland case! In the Bland case , Trish Bland inferred that members of Ireland's judiciary were involved in the satanic abuse on her daughter Sarah, and although Sarah's case was published in several Irish tabloid newspapers, the Garda refuted all of Sarah's claims and those of her faithful mother Trish.

Here once again members of the public are making accusations of crimes involving members of the Irish Police and in Sarah's case members of the judiary, but because it is the Garda who investigate claims against the Garda in Ireland, claims such as this are ridiculed and discounted out of hand by the Irish Police. This is the reason that there must be a completely independent police Ombudsman to investigate claims against the Irish Police!



Controversial book - "Disappeared off the face of the earth"!

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