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British and Irish Politicians, since Tony Blair came to power, have deliberately deceived and lied to their electorates on a referendum on EU membership!

Its the same in Britain and Ireland! There is a pattern in Ireland and in the UK!

That is NO coincidence! That is a conspiracy to deceive the British and Irish electorates and to "ensure each step to EU political Union with Germany in the driving seat" - a Federal Union, which will certainly become an aggressive police and Military superstate!

From the The Daily Mail October 2011

"The country has had enough of deception. It's time to close the yawning gap between the ruling and the ruled"



"How's this for a starkly unequivocal promise? ‘The European Union has evolved significantly since the last public vote on membership over 30 years ago. Liberal Democrats, therefore, remain committed to an in/out referendum the next time a British Government signs up for fundamental change in the relationship between the UK and the EU.’

Such was the solemn manifesto pledge made to the British people by every Lib Dem candidate who stood for election less than 18 months ago.

Yet on Monday night, guess how many of the party’s 57 MPs stood by that promise and voted for a Commons motion approving the principle of an EU referendum that would include an in/out option?

Clegg and Cameron

The shocking answer is just one — Adrian Sanders of Torbay — a solitary honourable man in a party of puppets. As with tuition fees, the other 56 apparently thought nothing of breaking their word to the people who voted them into power. Or how about this for another unequivocal manifesto pledge? ‘We will be positive members of the European Union but we are clear that there should be no further extension of the EU’s power over the UK without the British people’s consent. We will ensure that by law, no future Government can hand over areas of power to the EU or join the euro without a referendum of the British people.’

So said the Conservatives, every one of them, before that same election in May 2010 — and all praise to the 96 (out of 306) Tories who mounted the biggest rebellion in their party’s modern history on Monday night, keeping their word to their constituents and defying their leader’s orders to vote against the motion.

But given that manifesto pledge, what in the name of integrity possessed David Cameron to impose a three-line whip in the first place, instructing his MPs to breach their electors’ trust on pain of losing their government jobs or their hopes of promotion to the front bench?

Truly, there is something hideously wrong with the state of democracy in Britain today, when candidates say one thing to the electorate, only to be told by their party leaders to do the direct opposite when they are voted into the Commons.

The supreme irony of Monday’s debate is that it was called in answer to a mass public petition, in accordance with a pre-election Conservative pledge that was meant to prove the party’s determination to reconnect the political class with the people. In the event, the e-petition gimmick served only to highlight and deepen the yawning democratic deficit between the rulers and the ruled

Nowhere, of course, has that deficit been more glaringly apparent over the years than in the political establishment’s contempt for voters in all matters touching upon Europe. Indeed, the entire history of the relentless expansion of the EU’s powers since we joined what was then the Common Market in 1973 has been a tale of brazen deceit, broken promises and disenfranchisement of the electorate by all three major political parties.

Remember Labour’s 2005 manifesto pledge on the new European Constitution? ‘We will put it to the British people in a referendum.’ Nothing, surely, could have been more unequivocal.
Yet when it came to signing the Lisbon Treaty, in which the new constitution was enshrined, Gordon Brown conveniently forgot about it. Or, rather, he fobbed off the public with the monstrous lie that Lisbon (referred to in official documents as ‘the Constitutional Treaty’) was not, in fact, a European Constitution at all.

The Tories and Lib Dems were no better. Both promised explicitly to put the Constitution to a referendum. But as soon as they were in a position to do so, they smirked and said: ‘No point now. Lisbon’s been signed.’ Wherever Europe is concerned, there’s always some snivelling shyster’s excuse, some weasel-worded legalistic technicality seized on by the politicians to wriggle out of their commitment to give the public their say. (And these days, when all else fails, there’s always that catch-all standby: ‘Sorry, old boy. The Coalition agreement won’t allow it.’)
So it is that, one by one, the ancient powers of Britain’s once sovereign Parliament, paid for by the blood of our ancestors, slip away to Brussels — into the hands of unaccountable European Commission, where voters will never be able to touch them again. (And how can we boast of the West’s belief in liberal representative government while that abomination against democracy holds increasing sway over every aspect of our lives, from immigration control to working hours?)

By Jason Groves Daily Mail

David Cameron is "programmed" to sell out Britain to the Germans who are in virtual control of the EU "Federal State" in the making!

"Cast-iron" PM David Cameron

I believe Camerons latest snub to Merkel and Sarkozy's plans to "change" regulations regarding the Euro should not be construed as a demonstration of his "EU-skepticism"! Cameron is a signed up member of the Europhile club and their agenda is to undermine and dismantle the political union of the United Kingdom and do their very best to degrade the peoples beliefs and identity - of what it is to be proud of being British!

Watch out for the "disguised" steps he initialises to degrade everything in British society that makes Britons proud of their nationality! The breaking up of the UK - if Scotland votes for independence,- this would be a big step towards a weakened Briton and "Cast-Iron" has already ordered the closing down of Defence Regional "co-ordination" centres, which would weaken Britains ability to organise military resistance to a military attack on Britain! Cast-Iron has also pledged to reduce Britains armed forces by 2020 to around 20000 - ripe for a takeover by the vengeful and ravenous Huns - sitting over there opposite the White Cliffs, which thwarted their plans to invade in 1940! They will wait until their British neo-Quisling puppets do their rotten work for them!

There has been a conspiracy, starting with Blair, then Brown and finally proven with Cameron that the pro- EU (German) traitors have conspired to somehow place their puppets as leaders of all UK parties, with the intention of selling out Britain to its age old enemies - the Krauts! Why? The answer is motive!

The Germans have been planning this from the end of WW11! Read what James Warburg of CFR at a US Senate Committee boasted about not 10 years after the fall of the Third Reich!

"They will have their New World Order - by circumventing national sovereignty or by a frontal assault!" This was part of a threat made by - James Warburg - a member of the "Council on Foreign Relations" in 1950.

Friends of Liberty - Congressman Larry McDonald Exposed the New World Order Tyranny Congressman Larry McDonald Exposed the New World Order Tyranny -
The Hidden History of Money
by Alexander James - The Hidden History of Money

June 15th, 2004 On February 17, 1950, CFR member James Warburg (banker, and architect of the Federal Reserve System) stated before a Senate Foreign Relations Committee, "We shall have one world government whether or not you like it, by conquest or consent." Again, the media remained silent.

In the April 1974 issue of the CFR journal, "Foreign Affairs", page 558, Richard Gardener states that the new world order "will be built... but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old fashioned frontal assault."

Also, Britain has NO "special relationship" with the USA! No longer! Maybe when Roosevelt or Eisenhower were presidents but not now! The US Military, Intelligence Depts, Corporate USA, which "chooses" all presidential candidates, are culturally pro-German and share the same asperations of a German dominated Europe and a "Western" dominated (controlled) New World Order! The American branch of the German Bund and the thousands of German Nazis who were taken to the US after WW11 have changed the USA into a "bastard" nation of the German motherload! The US military and CIA are controlled by those who are culturely of German descent!

Cameron is in the control of a neo Moseleyite faction within the UK! He is dismantling Britains defence forces deliberately - under the pretence of saving money and he has promised to reduce Britains armed forces down to 20,000 by 2020 ; no doubt most or all of the higher ranking military staff will be those who are EU skeptics and critics! This will conveniently leave Britain unable to resist a foreign militarily intervention if the British rise up in revolt against Camerons or Cleggs plans to destroy Britain militarily and economically!

If someone or group within the British middle classes or military dont do something soon, Britains 1000 year history will be only a pipedream! Everyone in Britain and Ireland will be under the heel of the Hun!

If the reader thinks this is just a rant - maybe or maybe I just see things as they really are - Britain and Irelands freedom and independence are in more danger today than they were in 1939-1945!

The Irish can take no solace because Germany supplied the Irish Republicans with guns in 1916 - that was only in "their" interests to weaken Britain in time of war! In the lead up to war in 1939, the leaders of the Nazi Third Reich did not want to make war on Britain because they saw the British as a "truely Nordic nation" and because they had Germans in-situ within the British Royal Family!

I have often quoted this scenario! -- The British sent the rebellious Irish and Scots to Australia and Canada - the Hun would have exterminated them!

Think of motive! Ask yourself - which nation has the greatest motive for revenge to destroy Britain!

There is only one answer to that question - Germany!


Ireland has identical liars and traitorous EU puppet rats!

Ireland's Labour Party Deputy First Minister - Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore, has treated the electorate who voted for him and the Labour Party like the dirt under his shoe by promising his Labour Party members and the electorate that there would NOT be a re-run on the defeated Lisbon Treaty, which was defeated in JUne 2008, but in secret he would do anything to get the Lisbon Treaty re-run! He reported to his Obermeisters in the American Embassy that his opposition for a second re-run of the Lisbon Treaty was only "politically necessary"!


Eamon Gilmore ....... ...........the treacherous ............

'Gilmore 'took opposing views in public and in private'

By Fionnan Sheahan Political Editor

Wednesday June 01 2011

TANAISTE Eamon Gilmore privately told US diplomats he would support the holding of a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty -- despite publicly saying the opposite, a leaked embassy cable reveals.

In a candid disclosure that will prove embarrassing for the Labour Party leader,

a leaked US Embassy cable says he admitted a "public posture" of opposition to a second referendum because it was "politically necessary". At the same time, Mr Gilmore fully expected a second referendum and said he would support it.

After the No vote in the first Lisbon referendum in June 2008, the Labour leader said the "Lisbon Treaty is dead" and opposed a second referendum being held. But Mr Gilmore presented a different scenario a month later to US embassy staff, according to then US Ambassador Thomas Foley.

"Gilmore, who has led calls against a second referendum, has told the embassy separately that he fully expects, and would support, holding a second referendum in 2009. He explained his public posture of opposition to a second referendum as 'politically necessary' for the time being," the Ambassador said in a 'confidential' dispatch sent to his colleagues in Washington and across the EU. Of course, a year later, when the Government secured concessions on Lisbon, Mr Gilmore and Labour did back the second referendum. After the first referendum was rejected, however, Mr Gilmore said there was no question of the question being put a second time.

"The speculation that there will be a second bite at it -- there won't be," he said on June 13, the day of the Lisbon I count. Mr Gilmore told the Dail the following week the vote had to be fully respected.

"That is why there can be no question of going back to the people for a simple re-run of the Lisbon treaty," he said on June 18. And the Labour leader advised his colleagues in the European Socialists on June 19 against assuming a second referendum would be successful. When French President Nicolas Sarkozy arrived in Dublin a month later, on July 21, Mr Gilmore still held this position as he told him there was "no basis for believing that a second referendum would produce a result which is any different from the first one".

But in that same week in July, Mr Gilmore was presenting a different view to the US Embassy. Mr Foley wrote his cable on July 23 -- just two days after Mr Sarkozy met with the Yes and No campaigners in Dublin -- where he presents Mr Gilmore's expectation of a second referendum and his "politically necessary" opposition to a second vote. Mr Foley reported how Mr Sarkozy followed his meeting with then Taoiseach Brian Cowen by having separate meetings with Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny and Mr Gilmore "According to press reports, Kenny added that between now and October was a 'period of reflection and analysis'." Sarkozy reportedly emphasized that the following June's Europe-wide elections imposed some time pressure to resolve the issue.

"Both told Sarkozy that a second Lisbon Treaty referendum before next June's elections is not possible," Mr Foley said. The US Embassy also spoke with Mr Kenny's chief of staff Mark Kennelly who told them Fine Gael was "quite happy" with the meeting and Mr Sarkozy's trip overall.

"He said that FG leaders believe Fall 2009 is the most 'realistic timetable if there were to be a second referendum'," Mr Foley wrote. Mr Gilmore didn't give an expected date of a second referendum but still said he expected it to happen.

- Fionnan Sheahan Political Editor Irish Independent\par }




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