December 26, 2003

The Missing Persons Issue Ireland-

Lindsay Brown - evangelical (Born Again) pervert - paedophile


Evil Paedophile Lindsay Brown, Bangor Grammar School Pervert

Lindsay Brown , paedophile

Lindsay Brown's brother - Godfrey Brown, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland

Ronnie Flanagan , Chief Constable of the RUC with staff at Bangor Grammer School County Down. The RUC record concerning pervert Born Again Christians is consistent ; just like the Kincora Scandal , they ignore obvious leads which would expose establishment paedophiles and their lackies. They then declare ; "they have investigated all the allegations and there are no grounds to substantiate the claims"! The rhetoric is always the same , just like the (Garda) Police in the Republic of Ireland ; one could almost anticipate the giberish which they quote when it comes to child abusers .

The Lindsay Brown Child Abuse Scandal is overshaddowed by the infamous Kincora Scandal which involved many establishment figures , including high ranking police, top civil servants , the gentry and it is rumoured, top English politicians . It is known that Ted Heath was in the habit of paying "social" visits to the Kincora Boys Home in East Belfast .

IMF Ted Heath visits Kincora

William McGrath , "Born Again Evanangelical Christian", yet another christian paedophile


NB. The results of official RUC investigations into the Kincora Scandal are "sealed " to this day , because of the influence of high ranking persons . It should also be noted that some of the Kincora children were taken to Birr Castle County Offaly in the Republic of Ireland .

See: The Kincora Scandal

Birr is the hereditary family home of the Earls of Rosse - related to the royal family through the marriage of Princess Margaret and Anthony Armstrong Jones .


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