In 1977 , official CIA documents , code-named MKULTRA, were discovered, which exposed the CIA's involvement in very questionable mind control research. This mind control research covered a broad range of illegal experiments on unwitting human guinea-pigs who were supplied from US State penitentiaries (prisons to the Europeans), CIA run brothels and from the US armed forces. In August 1977, the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence questioned top CIA officials on the MKuLTRA mind control program.


The Mkultra mind control research topics included :

  • using drugs and hypnosis to,
  • " produce amnesia for events preceding and during use "
  • to " alter personality structure in such a way that the tendency of the recipient , to be dependent on another person is enhanced "

The CIA also commissioned a magician, a" witch", to instruct in the ways of trickery; this program was called , a "manual in trickery".

  • The descriptions of these research subjects give the impression of criminmal intent or for the use in unlawful activities!


  • After the 1977 exposure of the MKULTRA mind control research program, the CIA stopped using government premises for their research, instead it continued in the secretive worlds of government and privately sponsored religious cults.

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The links below prove that CIA mind control is no myth and shows that they were engaged in criminal activities which are not acceptable in a democracy. The Central Intelligence agency is not an elected body; they are public "servants" answerable to elected state representatives in the US Senate and the Congress. When an unelected military or security organisation acts in a manner which is criminal and unconstitutional, it becomes dictatorial, an oligarchy and the enemy of the state and of the people .

The same rules apply to Ireland as in the USA!


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Mind control is the essential tool used by the "sacrifice" covens as a means to entrap victims!