Italian Killer , Pietro Pacciani , supplied cannibalistic satanic cult with human body parts

The Missing Persons Issue Ireland

Proof that the estabishment in Italy are involved in Satanic murders!

The Pietro Pacciani murders which took place in Tuscany between 1968 and 1980s , are now believed to have been Satanic Ritual killings . The Marc Dutroux case in Belgium immediately spring to mind!

Italy is leading the way when it comes to taking on e'litist satanist killers who have been protected by their associates within the Italian Police , Secret Service and the professions . Genuine Italian Police ,such as the head of Florence's detective force , Michele Giuttari , have not been frightened off for fear of e'litist satanists and their political clout .They have interviewed Italy's leading criminal psychologist , Franscesco Bruno and prominent psychologist Aurellio Mattei who works for the Italian Secret Service ; Sisde . Other Tuscany e'litists , who are suspected to be members of this exclusive coven , include an ambassador , an artist and a doctor . As yet they have not been caught but a cover-up of the covens activities by the Secret Service is falling apart .These modern day , Italian "Untouchables" , declare that they are determined to expose the powerful coven members who are being protected by the Italian Secret Service , Sisde ! It also known that two Secret Service members have been questioned by Giuttari's detectives .

Pietro Pacciani , a local farm labourer , murdered 8 courting couples in Tuscany . He shot the couples with a .22 Beretta and then he cut off the left breasts and the women's pubic areas . The fact that these particular sexual parts of the womens bodies were cut off , is very significant ! The Italian Police investigators have realised that Satanists engage in cannibalism and womens breasts and pubic areas are highly favoured .

NB. There is a murder case in Ireland which is a mirror image of the Pacciani case ! This is the case of the GrangeGorman murders in Dublin in March 1997 , labelled "The Cannibal Murders " by a Dublin newspaper . Two middle aged "mentally impaired" women , living in community care housing , were brutally murdered . All body parts which had a sexual connotation , were cut off! Coincidence!!!

The Cannibal Murders

Pacciani, a lowly Italian agrarian worker, had aquired unexplainable wealth. He owned two houses and had $50,000 in the bank . It is believed that he was well paid by the e'litist coven members to supply human body parts on demand .

Pacciani was convicted of these murders in 1994 but his conviction was overturned . In 1998 however , he was facing a retrial , which is possible in Italy , when new evidence emerged .Before Pacciani could be brought to court again , he mysteriously died of a heart attack . Giuttari and the investigating Magistrate , Paolo Canessa , were certain that Pacciani was actually murdered before he could be brought to trial and name the prominent coven members . They believed that Pacciani's heart attack was brought on by drugs which imitate the effects of a heart attack .

NB. The similarities to the Pacciani case and several soon-to-be-convicted paedophile cases in Ireland , are incredibly suspicious . The paedophile priests , Father Fortune and Father Brendan Smyth comes to mind . Father Fortune died of a coctail of drugs and alocohol before he could come to trial on multiple charges of child abuse ! Coincidence!!!

Father Brendan Smith died in prison of a heart attack after being convicted on multiple child abuse charges! Coincidence!!!




Pacciani seen giving the satanic sign or curse sign !

George Bush giving the same sign as Pacciani

Clinton giving the same sign as Pacciani! 



George Bush seen once more giving the devil's sign!


































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