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The US Military - which is culturely German and influences its military objectives and foreign policies - plans once more to invade Russia!


(The only thing that the British and the Americans have in common is the language!)

The US Military war machine, which is culturely and technically dominated by people of German origin, is preparing to make war with Russia, with the help of the EU Superstate, itself dominated by the new power-hungry Germany.

The latest "giveaway" to indicate that the Huns in the US Military are plotting just such a scenario is the plans to build up the forces of the Baltic States and breakaway Georgia - the reason to bolster the fight against Afghanistan - I say bullshit!.


Pentagon programs to bolster Georgian, Baltic forces\par The Pentagon said on Friday it would build military capabilities of Georgia and Baltic states bordering Russia to ready them for operations in Afghanistan, a move that could raise alarm in Moscow.


U.S. Black Sea military buildup could trigger Missile War by Rick Rozoff (Monday, March 8, 2010)

"...it is evident that the main focus of U.S. and North Atlantic Treaty Organization interceptor missile deployments will be in the Black Sea region. The announcement that Romania will host American missiles was made on February 4; the news that Bulgaria would follow suit was disclosed on February 12."

Only a fool would fall for this devious and evil explanation and I bet it gets the heckles up of those within Russia who are not fooled by the "sheep-in-wolves-clothing" act being played out by the US administration.

Ive just read a book called "Stalingrad" by Antony Beevor" - great read and easy to read even though its filled with lots of info. It tells the personal stories of Russians and Krauts on the Russian Front up to mid 1942. The accounts of the nazi war crimes by not only the SS and behind front- line troops - Einsatzgruppen and even the so-called ordinary German Police (not SS - recruited from German towns) units which took part in the massacres of hundreds of thousands of Jews, including children in Russia and the Baltic States after the invasion of Russia . Im reading now "Berlin the downfall 1945" also by Antony Beevor - and there can be no doubt that the Russian armies advancing into Germany took immense retribution for the crimes of ordinary German recruits in the German Wehrmacht armies. It wasnt only the SS and Nazis who butchered in the Eastern territories! When the Russians advanced into East Prussian and Eastern Germany they raped countless German women and girls, shot and killed countless males above 10, they executed all SS and nazis. The fear of the advancing Russian armies caused 8.5 million Germans to retreat back towards Berlin from the former Prussian states of Silesia, East Prussia, Pomerania and Wartheland. Thousands died of hunger and frostbite. The German nation , except for a pitiful minority, eagerly murdered Jews, Russians, slavs and just about anyone they considered untermenschen! The point is: the German has been seething because of their humiliating defeat at the hands of the untermenschen (Russians and Poles) and the British in 1945. (dominsted by Jews - claimed Goebbels) All the nations who were part of the AXIS forces in WW2 are forming up once again against the hated slavs - the untermenschen. Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, pro-nazi Jugoslavs (Slovenes and ?) , pro-nazi Ukrainians and Georgians - all have been enticed into a new plot to encroach and pressure the hated Slavs in Russia - the ultimate purpose is obviously another pre-empted (no-warning) attack on Russia!

In 1939 Stalin fell for Hitlers "wolves-in-sheeps-clothing" plot to jointly invade Poland and divide it up between Russia and Germany. I believe Stalin secretly feared a war with Germany and it suited him at that time to become a part in the bully-boy invasion of Poland. Stalin fell for Hitlers machinations and when the Germans invaded Russia in 1941 Stalin was like a girl jilted by her feckless lover - he did not want to believe it. He gave orders that the Russian Army divisions on the Polish /Russian fronteers not to fire back at the Germans! Incredible! Today Putin seems to be falling for the same bullshit from the US administration and military. He refuses to face up to the reality that all of these "preparations" by the US in recent years - the first strike rocket defence in Denmark, Poland and Checkoslovakia - supposedly to defend against an attack from Iran) are for an eventual no-warning attack on Russia!

The driving force for the new war, is the inherant hatred , driven by an inherant racism against the inferior Slavs and the German rage for revenge against the inferiors and traitors who brought about the destruction of Germany, the old orders, the aristocracy, and the Nazi regime!